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You can meet the concerned professionals with your child to discuss your concerns and queries. You can also avail more information about the services provided, how to go about the treatment, to explore the center, to observe the sessions and possibly to talk to another parent. The consultation also helps the professionals to get to know about your child.


After the initial consultation, we will schedule an appointment for a detailed speech-language evaluation/hearing evaluation/occupational therapy evaluation based on the need.

Initial speech-language assessment at Inspire is essential

  • to know the baseline skills of the child
  • Helps us to design an individualized therapy plan for your child.
  • To make additional recommendations (occupational therapy review, psychological consultation)

Initial hearing assessment at Inspire is essential

  • To know the presence or absence of hearing loss
  • to know the severity and type of hearing loss
  • candidacy for hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • to make additional recommendations (ENT review, speech-language consultation)

Initial occupational therapy assessment at Inspire is essential

  • to know the sensory problems of the child
  • to know the motor skills and behavioral problems in the child
  • to know if the child has age adequate skills for his/her activities of daily living
  • to make additional recommendations (sensory integration, speech language consultation)


A detailed and comprehensive report of all the findings of the evaluation will be provided and necessary recommendations and referrals will be made.


The therapy plan will be made based on the initial assessment. Parent will be an active member in designing and execution of the activities planned for the goals. Periodic assessments and follow ups will be planned based on the need to monitor the progress.